Air Flow Free Small Double (4ft) Divan

Air Flow Free Small Double (4ft) Divan

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The Air Flow Free Mattress has been manufactured in the UK. The Mattress has many attractive features including High density foam filling, 13.5 gauge spring system and Stress free fabric. The main materials used in the mattress are Open & Foam Springs. Open coil springs and foam can give excellent support for your body.  An open coil spring system is fundamentally one spring which runs continuously throughout the mattress. This is the most commonly used spring system. It incorporates rows of hour-glass shaped springs which are joined to neighbouring springs by a continuous small diameter spiral unit. Foam returns to its starting shape after compression giving excellent long-life shape retention qualities with very little change over very long periods of heavy usage.


This Air Flow Free Small Double (4ft) Divan is available in our Furniture Store in Grimsby and right here online