29 Nov '14

High Quality Furniture Trends 2014

We have scoured the Web to find the best high quality furniture and interior design trends of 2014.sofaqualityfurniture


1. Outdoor Furniture Indoors

This is all about using elements of outside fixtures inside your house in a sophisticated way. For example Garden Stools can be used for stylish effect in a spare room, or in a dining room, if you need additional seating.



2. Glamour

This seems like a timeless trend, Glamour is predicted to stay trendy for the next few years. Everyone loves the look of lavishness, sumptuous soft furnishings and showing of a centrepiece with a WOW factor.


3. Custom Made Furniture

This is a growing trend, individuality gives identity and a certain kudos. This can range from extravagant and extremely expensive to affordable budget customisations.


4. Metallic Leather

This trend definitely has the WOW factor, with its glimmering leather treatment sure puts a sleeky shine on classic furniture.



5. Environmentally friendly furniture

Utilising recycled materials and environment friendly products, this design trend is potentially limitless, it is here to stay and will never go out of fashion.



 6. Small Furniture

Minimalist rooms and neat open spaces are a sign of the expanding world population and housing shortages. This is where classy compact furniture comes into fruition.



7. Technological Furniture

Combining furniture with modern technological devices is a 70/80’s child dreams come true. Concealed wireless charging stations, USB charging ports in a dining room cabinet. Smart phone synergy with your everyday furniture will continue to be a trend that progresses forward well into the future.

You can see some great examples here:




8. Multi-Functional Furniture

This use of multi purpose furniture has made a big impact in 2014. A bed that transforms into a working desk or concealed drawers in chairs, this practical use of furniture is ideal for smaller homes.


9. Pleated Design

With upholstered furniture, especially sofas and curtains,  the use of pleats to show a tailored look has factored a lot in 2014. These can look classy and elegant.


10. Vintage Furniture

This continuing trend has stayed popular for a few years. What better way to be eco friendly, save some money and be creative. Find an old book case, clean it up and use your unique piece to accentuate your modern quality furniture.








What do you think 2015 will bring for Furniture Design trends? Comment below: