05 Feb '15

Custom Home Furnishing Guide

You can impact your own signature touch into custom home furnishings, allowing you to choose every minute detail, with your family and self in mind. Everyone reacts differently to colour, patterns and ambience. It is mostly subjective and based on individual experience. This is why getting your own touch into home décor , based upon your personal style is important. Go full impact and embrace your inner style guru. Here are some tips to help you along:

Be Experimental

Add elements of surprise to impart character, boldness and fun. Furnishings can be used in unexpected ways than what they were originally intended for.


Mix and Match textural items in your personal space, like linens, felt throws or shiny fabrics. This adds dynamic elements to an otherwise magazine catalogue look.

Colour Splashes

Use a bold approach, utilising blocks of colour in a room. Introduce different coloured vases or accessories to change the colour focus.

Big Dreams

A large centrally themed piece of furniture can spark up a room’s theme, uniqueness and ambience. Look into using oversized custom pieces of décor of furnishings to create height, texture and overall artistic statement.


Chandeliers, lampshades, custom led lights and spotlights can really highlight your room’s custom features. Again be experimental , pearl necklaces added to chandeliers, or brooches attached to lampshades work well together.


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