05 Jan '15

Some colour trends for 2015

It is difficult to get that balancing act of colours right for your home. We have compiled some colour trends for 2015 to help you along. Colours have the power to harmonise, energise, relax or refresh your mind. Here are some 2015 trends and a selection of our furniture to match.

Deep colour

Transform your bedroom into something mystical. Essential teals, bright patterns and contrasting colours. Add dark counterbalance furniture and your set to go. The 2015 colour trend is gorgeous. Is this the colour you dream in?


10368991_733133393410599_2887476374454847158_o 10888368_841397222584215_1408726415674879252_n


Frosted Pastels

Pastel colours are back but in a barely there way. The colour trend is not to overpower the room in pastel colours. These beautiful pastel colours create a beautiful tranquil for your enjoyment.



 Social Bright

Bright feature walls are a predicted trend for 2015. There’s a trick to this though. The colour is on one wall in the room and has to be strategically place. It will match perfectly with neutral tones. Here is a feature wall we found:



Nuanced Neutrals

Warm rich neutral colours are set to be a big hit in 2015. Each colour illustrated is a musky version of its “old” self.  Get creative this 2015 with these beautiful colours and tones.