05 Feb '15

Custom Home Furnishing Guide

You can impact your own signature touch into custom home furnishings, allowing you to choose every minute detail, with your family and self in mind. Everyone reacts differently to colour, patterns and ambience. It is mostly subjective and based on

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05 Jan '15

Some colour trends for 2015

It is difficult to get that balancing act of colours right for your home. We have compiled some colour trends for 2015 to help you along. Colours have the power to harmonise, energise, relax or refresh your mind. Here are

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29 Nov '14

High Quality Furniture Trends 2014

We have scoured the Web to find the best high quality furniture and interior design trends of 2014.   1. Outdoor Furniture Indoors This is all about using elements of outside fixtures inside your house in a sophisticated way. For

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