29 Nov '14

8 Questions to Ask Before Buying Quality Furniture

1: Will this furniture fit into my house?

There is an old Joiner’s saying – Measure Twice – Deliver Once. Before arranging to buy any new quality furniture, be definitely sure that it will fit into your designated space. Not only, in the room that you plan to put it in, but also check your access and egress, stairs, doorways etc. If you don’t this could be a stressful day, moving your newly purchased quality furniture.


 2: Which Style Do I Prefer?

Have a look online, especially at our website to see what we already offer, that will complement your existing space. www.homeworldonline.co.uk

Imagine the specific room you’d like to redecorate. Keep that room in mind as you browse our quality furniture. Victorian sofas may look out of place when you are living in a modern high rise apartment.


3: Do I Need to Know Available Space?

Unless you are a ultra rich with no spending limits, plan in advance how much space you have for the quality furniture you want to purchase. Taking measurements is extremely important when buying larger pieces,

like sofas, dining room furniture, and bedroom furniture. For example, small rooms do not have enough floor space for a family dining table. Do not buy a large king size bed either if the room is not big enough.


 4: What Is the Purpose of the Room?

Homes are usually designed in a specific way.

Living rooms are normally in the front, while bedrooms are at the back.

Think about this when furnishing a new home. Sketch a plan of the building, and give each room a purpose for your needs. It will be a lot easier to find fitting quality furniture. Utility Rooms and Dining Rooms are usually near the Kitchen. This is often connected to the living room. This is only a generalised guide to help decide the purpose of your room and where your quality furniture will fit. However, unconventional ideas and methods work too. The only rule of thumb is to make sure your quality furniture fits.


 5: When will this be delivered, and how much will the delivery cost?

We can arrange Delivery for your quality furniture or you can collect from one of our showrooms for Free.

Collection is by appointment only. If you wish to collect your item this service is free of charge however you will have to make an appointment either by phone or email.

Please note that we only deliver to MAINLAND UK only and exclude all islands and Ireland. Delivery for these excluded areas is by individual quotation and should be discussed with us before ordering.


 6: Which colours do I find attractive?

Are you naturally drawn to certain colours? It would be an idea to consider these because your favourite colours tend to make you feel happy and comfortable. You can learn more about colour psychology here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/homes/design/colour_psychologyofcolour.shtml

Are there any colours that you outright detest? If so avoid them like the plague,  even if they happen to be stylish or in fashion at the moment. What about the vibrancy of the colour? Choose colours that make you feel good and evoke the kind of ambient mood you need in the room.


 7: Will this furniture work for my lifestyle?

Who’s going to be using your new quality furniture — you,

your tenants? Your loving children or your pet bulldog? How often will you be using it? Does it need to be strong, decorative or all-purpose?

To answer these questions, you should speak to a specialist. Why not call us and speak to one of our skilled Sales team – 01472 34950

We can help you find the right quality furniture perfect match for your room.


8: And finally, also most importantly, what kind of a budget do I have?

Is money a problem or do you have an unlimited budget?

Even if it is the latter, you can find a variety of furniture to fit any kind of taste, budget or need. Look around before you buy,

Check our website, www.homeworldonline.co.uk we offer quality furniture for good prices. You will end up buying something that you absolutely love.


Any more questions, we could have added here, comment with ideas!